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When traversing the side of a ravine to get to the site of a waterfall you want to take photos of.. remember :

Leaves cover holes in the ground so you can't see them..

Wet leaves are slippery.. and will still cover holes in the ground so you can't see them...

Twigs and small saplings will not necessarily support your weight... especially if you are a large fella...

Never say "Wow... I can't believe I haven't fallen yet...."

Remember that walking through the woods with a full pack and a tripod in your hand (that weighs about the same as an M-16 A1 rifle) is the reason you got out of the Marine Corps to begin with.

Know that the Mountain Warfare school the Marines sent you to 25 years ago will ABSOLUTELY come in handy.

Remember to bring a first aid kit, including medical tape so you can splint your broken pinky after you slip on wet leaves and fall/slide twenty or thirty feet back down into the ravine.

When you DO fall (and you will) and you say to yourself "I better try to fall butt first and slide"... there WILL be a branch under the leaves to catch your foot and catapult you head first down into the ravine... making you look like you are a fat Pete Rose sliding into second base...

As you fall.. remember to toss your tripod away from you, so it does not become a six pound metal missile.

Wear gloves...even if it's summer.

Remember to bring water.

No... bring MORE water... you did not bring enough..

Understand that when you are cold, wet and tired enough... you don't give a CRAP about photography.

Bring a towel or old sheet and keep it in your car. Then you will have something to cover your seat so you don't ruin it with the mud that is caked on your backside from sliding into a ravine.

Make sure you have aspirin and an extra bottle of water in the car... so you can have something to relieve the pain when you are driving home.

When you get home, be happy that at least ONE of the 75 photographs you just took is halfway d
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Been a while So, i'ts been a while since I have been on line.   I purchased an upgraded version of Photoshop and I also bought Lightroom 4, which have both greatly helped me develop my photographs.  I deleted just about everything from this website and retouched up everything. I uploaded photos again and didn't upload the photos that I was not happy with.


I am going to try to start shooting landscapes, since the cold weather is starting to turn the leaves.  I have just not had any luck with the  weather.  Cloudy and rainy for the better part of a week now.


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Saturday morning Up early again in my quest for buried treasure.  The treasure being old, crappy tractors that nobody uses anymore.  I found three excellent prospects, but the tractors were on (or near) maintained property.  If I can't photograph from an area that is both open to the public and non-intrusive, then I always ask permission of the property owner.  However, today it was too early to be knocking on someones doors to ask them if I can take photos of their beat up tractor.  

I have been playing with the hue and saturation levels in photoshop and I have been coming up with some interesting images, but it doesn't always work out.  

I think I only uploaded four photos today, but I hope to take more later on.





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Another Day in the Field If someone would have told me twenty years ago that I would one day be blogging, I would have said "I don't know what blogging is..  but I need to connect to AOL with my 2400 baud modem"....


I started out early today.  The sun was shining and casting that warm glow with the deep shadows that I have been looking for.  I was only able to take a few photos before the sun went away and I got called into work.  The rest of the day was spent working and watching the rain.

Since I have my new eyes, I was able to turn off the auto focus and, with the assistance of reading glasses, focus on what "I" wanted to focus on.  The end result appeared to be sharper photos.  I decided to try something different and I played with the color a bit.  Maybe I am channeling Andy Warhol.  Nah... probably Andy Griffith...



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July 5, 2012 I started out with the intention of photographing only old tractors.  However, I found myself grabbing shots of anything that looked particularly interesting.... but still stuck with the 'old' theme. 

Today I actually pulled a move right out of 'American Pickers'.  I saw a tractor that I wanted to photograph and I saw an older gentleman in his yard near the tractor.  I pulled in and introduced myself and asked him if I could take some pictures of his tractor.  I am obviously in Houghton, because he welcomed me with no hesitation.  

While I was taking photos of old stuff on his property, I discovered something that I will need to remember.   Old cars/tractors.. etc.. often are a very comfortable home for bees...  I left quickly.

If this works out (my photography) I am going to absolutely need better equipment.  There is so much I want to do... that I remember HOW to do.. that I can't do with the 'snapshot' camera I have.  But new equipment is a long way away.  I long for the days of my large format 4X5 camera with the extended bellows.  If I could only afford something like that again, only with digital capabilities (Kodachrome is no more...) I would be in photographic heaven.  I checked the prices... I need about 30K.. never gonna happen.

Will I write more later?  Who knows. 


By the way, glad I got my new eyes... auto focus HAS TO GO!!!!!  It's screwing me up.


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